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July 29, 2012
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Lazorus - Part 24 by SpectralPony Lazorus - Part 24 by SpectralPony
Apothecarium's Notes

Time: I feel this is rather superfluous by now
Location: The Grand Dining Hall

I could not help but give a small chuckle at the perplexed expression that adorned Miss Rose's visage. It was nearly the look of complete confusion and mystification that a small foal would wear when shown a simple trick deemed to be magical. This look was heightened all the more when soon after my statement as to Sir Lazorus's manners, he reappered in the room with Miss Licorice at his side. The difference being that he was now his original pony self, and no longer the small bat that the guest was accustomed to seeing. She could not but stare in her wide-eyed amazement as he stammered an apology and offered a new pastry to her. She accepted this gracefully, for even in the midst of unexplainable events,Miss Rose has always proven herself to be graceful; and proceeded to enjoy it as Miss Licorice brought out a tea kettle and a few cups. I always enjoy a cup of tea, and sat with the others to partake of one. I must say that Miss Rose seemed more at ease to be near one similar to herself. I can scarse blame her after the prior events that have occurred. It would be much better for her if she were to forget these troubling things altogether in favor of happier instances.
She spent a good deal of time questioning Sir Lazorus and Miss Licorice about their roles in the kingdom as well as the former's abilities in transformation. I interjected, explaining the peculiar experimentations to create a vampiric species with no need of blood sustenance, and how such had led to his genetic alteration. In a sense, this makes Sir Lazarus remarkably unique. She took this information in strides, accepting it as fact and moving on to another topic. With what she has witnessed, I feel there is no more need of doubts in this kingdom. Why attempt explanations of the unexplainable in such a realm as this? To do so would only drive one mad.

We all conversed quite awhile longer before Miss Licorice remarked that dinner preparations would need to be made for those who depended on more natural means of feeding. I agreed that this was best, and rose from my seat to escort Miss Rose to other areas of the castle. This plan however, was halted as Miss Licorice nearly shoved Sir Lazorus and myself back in the direction of the kitchen with talk of needing assistance and that we would both do rather nicely as helpers. I made a quick apology to Miss Rose, and she seemed to understand.

I remember vaguely hoping that she would remain close by until after the meal has ended. There are still a great deal many areas in the castle's grounds, and a few other entities lurking within.

About half way through our work in the small kitchen, Sir Arcane stepped within the room to retrieve a small bit of the left over tea, and to warn to Sir Lazorus against further use of the french horn as a storage bin for cookies or else "a disaster beyond your imagination will occur". After the warning had produced the desired effect, I took a moment as to inquire if Sir Arcane had greeted Miss Rose on his was through the dining hall. He informed me that he had not seen her in the vicinity nor anywhere in the halls leading to the room. Immediately I hurried to make certain of this. Yes, Sir Arcane was right. The tea cup still sat on the table, yet Miss Rose was nowhere to be found.

Miss Licorice will have to pardon my skipping out on the remainder of the preparations, lest we be one guest short come suppertime.

- Apothecarium
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Tosus Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Another new character?
SpectralPony Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep! Another one to be introduced next too. *nod nod*
Tosus Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, my!
SpectralPony Jul 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
lol, the next one will be the last of the new characters. ^-^; I just have to find the time to finish it.
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